Saturday, January 28, 2006

GMaps Flight Tracker - V1.1

The new version 1.1 supports
  • Tracking of airplanes (click on the small "T" near the plane in the left navigation section). The selected airplane will be the new center for the maps - also after reloading of data
  • Auto-Loading of new data - this is the new default and can be disabled in "Controls"
  • Direct links to Air Traffic Control (ATC) audio streams (click on the small arrow next to the airport to see the additional menu; only available for Boston, JFK and Los Angeles; sometimes these streams are down or you have to try 2 -3 times until you get a connection)
GMaps Flight Tracker was featured e.g. at

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Anonymous said...

The three Spanish words which haver appeared for the word "close" in one of the boxes I opened, are not correct.