Saturday, February 25, 2006

GMaps Flight Tracker as Google Homepage Module

Gmaps Flight Tracker now available as Google Homepage Module.

If you have a flight number available of a flight right now in the air to one of the airports ATL, BOS, JFK, LAX, ORD or SEA you view this flight in your Google Homepage. Just enter the flight number (e.g. AAL222) in the preferences field and watch the location of the plane. Or choose a flight from the list of present flights offered by the module.

You also can select a picture of e.g. your beloved partner flying right now to be displayed instead of the airplane icon.

It seems that the timeouts of the Google Homepage proxies are quite short so sometimes the information is not reachable.

Here is a link to directly add the module to Google Homepage.

Please let us know your feedback and suggestions: GMapsGaier+GHP at gmail dot com

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