Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weather Module: present weather conditions as insert

Now the Weather Module features additional content by WeatherBug: Present weather conditions in two presentations.

Selecting a ZIP for local weather will also trigger the display of a insert showing present weather conditions. Clicking the Station ID will show a larger weather info. You can close this again by hitting the "close" link at the top of the insert.

You can see the new version active further below this page in a sample of the standalone Google Gadget feature.

  • Changing the station is not supported until now - will be in the next release. Right now the station is defaulted from the ZIP entered.
  • You can drag the weatherbug window (at the white areas) to the place you want it to be. This also the case e.g. for the weather forecast.


Anonymous said...

This is a rad update. Thanks!

Paul Byerly said...

Love this module, but I'm having trouble getting a station near me. I put in my zip code, just outside of Salem OR, and got a station in Marion SD!

Is there a list of stations, and what zip codes will give that station?


Anonymous said...

The radar has been wonderful until today when I found added two large inserts. I use extra large fonts and when applied to the two inserts, they fill the entire small view screen. Closing the inserts and moving them off the view screen does not work. I am finding it difficult to find the x on either insert as both go over the edge of the viewscreen. I have tried turning the weather module function off in settings and that also does not remove both inserts. I do NOT think these are an improvement. Please allow us to completely turn these functions off. :(

Gmaps Gaier said...

We hope your concerns have been resolved by the latest update.