Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gaiagi Driver - Driving Simulator including Streetview and Birdsview

The driving simulator follows the path created by the directions and shows the present position in different views. Following views are available:
  • upper left: Google Earth view
  • upper right: Google Map view. You can toggle traffic information as well as street view information as overlays.
  • lower left: Google Streetview
  • lower right: Microsoft Birdsview

Other features include navigation in the Google Earth or Google Maps view while other views are adjusted accordingly, controlling of road overlay in earth view, buildings overlay in earth view, traffic overlay in maps view etc. You can easily share the current view with others.

Test drive Gaiagi Driver (Google Earth plugin required; you will be asked to install it if you have not done so).


Anonymous said...


Have a look at our app Globeglider.net. We had this running already in 2006 (no offense).

This is definitely going in the right direction;-) !!



steph said...

We had the first
we know a long time ago
we did already...

Ok Geogame...

Anyway, Gaiaga Driver is very cool project.
At the Paris Google Dev Day, a Google Map Dev Manager, showed your web site, as a good exemple of mashup ap.

have fun

Heritime Project manager

steph said...

a RSS flux or twitter, it'd be a good idea to follow your blog


given said...

And here is a tutorial for Google Maps made in paper :) (just for fun)
Pretty sure you'll like it.

Gmaps Gaier said...

Twitter is now active: http://twitter.com/gmapsgaier

jumpjack said...

cool appication.
do you think it would be possible to save streetview images as frames into an anination files? If such images are taken close enugh one to the other, a coll video could be generated!

Gmaps Gaier said...

Re movie from Street View. Here is an example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joelaz/3385607140/.

Danny said...

I am trying to drive this route, but the driver stops at point A and never resumes his drive! Also, the directions on the left side only show the first segment of directions. Is this just a limitation or what?


88 Morrison Dr, yellowknife, nt
4820 school draw ave, yellowknife, nt to: 5062 47th st, yellowknife, nt to: 4840 48th st, yellowknife, nt to: 5178 49th st, yellowknife, nt, to: 5012 49th ave, yellowknife, nt, to: 5034 52nd ave, yellowknife, nt, to: 5200 49th ave, yellowknife, nt, to: 5014 52nd st, yellowknife, nt, to: 53rd ave, yellowknife, nt to: curry dr, yellowknife, nt to: dagenais dr, yellowknife, nt, to: airport st, yellowknife, nt


Gmaps Gaier said...


very nice location ;-)

It should work if you enter one address like "88 Morrison Dr, yellowknife, nt" as "From" address and e.g. "airport st, yellowknife, nt" as "To" address. Please of course omit the '"' in entering the address. Also "4820 school draw ave, yellowknife, nt" as final address works fine. Feel free to email me if you have further questions.

Danny said...


What I was trying to do is give a real tour with multiple destinations. It's hard to make an interesting route with only one stop! I'd like to be able to stop at multiple points along the route. Google's routing is of course shortest-time or shortest-distance - it's not necessarily the most interesting. So what I'm suggesting is that somehow you enable the code to handle the remaining stops. Ideally, you would have boxes to enter multiple destinations or stops, just as Google Maps does now.
My routing, as you can see at the link, does work. The only issue is that the driver stops at point A and never drives the rest of the route. (This is likely connected to the fact that only the first segment of the entire route is listed at the left side of the screen.)
It seems to me that most of the needed functionality is already there - since it is already capable of showing a multi-stop route in G-Earth and G-Maps. We just need the driver to keep going after point A and have the whole route show up on the left box.
Are you interested in enhancing your site in this way?


PS I can't find your email address anywhere on your blogs, sites, or profile. ;)

peterchaser said...

Your driving simulator is so cool. You have done wonderful job. It's one of the kind in the world.

Gmaps Gaier said...

Thanks Peter, for the very kind and encouraging comment.

As always - please let us know if you have additional ideas you'd like to see implemented.

Gmaps Gaier said...

Danny, re multi-step destination. This might not apply to many users but we will investigate what the effort to implement this would be.

Unknown said...


I contact you from Spain. We are a Consultant Tourist Company and we are really interested in this API, could you contact me to tell you deeply what we would be interested?

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

why is it that every time I start or go to the driving simulator, it asks that the plug in needs to be installed. It already is installed and running in admin mode. Restarted computer and tried all I can think of with no luck. Still keeps advising that it needs the google earth plug in?

JTE Dimandix said...

Dear GMaps Gaier,

Gaiagi no longer works. You should make a new driving simulator, without Google Earth Plugin, since it's closed. You could also include traffic signs, using this little link:

Just do it. I liked the old Gaiagi, you should do it.