Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gaiagi Driver - Driving Simulator including Streetview and Birdsview

The driving simulator follows the path created by the directions and shows the present position in different views. Following views are available:
  • upper left: Google Earth view
  • upper right: Google Map view. You can toggle traffic information as well as street view information as overlays.
  • lower left: Google Streetview
  • lower right: Microsoft Birdsview

Other features include navigation in the Google Earth or Google Maps view while other views are adjusted accordingly, controlling of road overlay in earth view, buildings overlay in earth view, traffic overlay in maps view etc. You can easily share the current view with others.

Test drive Gaiagi Driver (Google Earth plugin required; you will be asked to install it if you have not done so).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

US Weather Radar Gadget Updates 2008

New features added recently:
  • 1 click weather: just click on the map to get local weather information
  • IR Clouds: Clouds overlay based on infrared satellite images as part of the Radar tab
  • Wind Movie: 6 day wind flow forecast from meteoblue.com
  • May 29: Added Google Earth Plugin support which is yet experimental as it does not support all of the functionality offered by Google Maps like changing the height of the Gadget or supporting overlays the same way as Google Maps does. Update: To test the present functionality you can enable the GE Plugin in the configuration settings.
  • July 11: The gadget now supports opacity control of the cloud overlay as well.
  • August 23: If no ZIP is configured the weather is shown for your local geographic location derived from the IP address. An additional configuration parameter enables to automatically center the map on the geographic location.
    If you are travelling this lets you always view the weather information for your local area as well as optionally have the map centered on your present location.
  • October 18: support for canvas view in iGoogle

Friday, February 29, 2008

More about NEXRAD - the Doppler Weather Radar detecting present rainfall

Part of the information shown by the Weather Radar Module are NEXRAD weather radar echo graphics. Here you can find more information about the radar technology and meaning of the colors in the radar overlays: