Friday, September 09, 2011

Gaiagi Driver - Updates 2011

New features added recently to the Gaiagi Driver:
  • The car speed can manually controlled via a slider
  • Condense controls into a small driving control in the upper left where you can pause, stop, continue driving; also the speed is displayed in the control
  • Physics mode: to support indoor biking/spinning bikes a bike has been added which moves with real speed based on the applied power. You can control the power you want to spend on your bike and the driver will move accordingly based on weight, slope of the track, ...
  • New vehicles added: Motorhome, Camper, Ferrari, Porsche, Ducati, BMX bike, Woman with bike, Millenium Falcon ;-)
  • Configurable Icon which displays the location on the map
  • Show Panoramio Pictures instead of Birds View in the lower right
  • Saving own tours: You can create a tour and store this on your computer to later load the tour again
  • Support for speech input on Chrome browsers
  • Draggable start and end points. Just adapt your route by dragging the start and end points on the Google Map. 
The Gaiagi Driver is here: