Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chrome Weather Badge and Rain Alarm

You need a rain alarm telling you if it will rain in the next hour or how the rain distribution will be? This is one of the main features of our Weather Badge and Rain Alarm.

The Weather Badge and Rain Alarm for the Chrome browser offers:
  • Hourly rain/precipitation forecast 
  • Rain alarm 
  • Precipitation graph shown in chrome toolbar icon 
  • Summary of current weather condition when hovering over toolbar icon 
  • Notification with hourly forecast 
  • Reads hourly forecast to user 
  • Meteogram for location 
  • Alerts 
  • Link to US Weather Radar
It leverages the Text-to-Speech engine of the Chrome browser to read messages to the user and shows notifications based on the configuration. Uses data from


Mailproxy said...

Help! Gaiagi Driver does not work anymore in either Chrome or Firefox!

I don't get the Reset/Start/Pause buttons anymore :(

They simply are not there!

Please, how can I fix this?

GMaps Gaier said...


thanks for your note.

I seems there is a general problem with the Google Earth Plugin - we are looking into it.


David.P said...

Hi and thank you for the fast response! Have you changed anything already? IT WORKS AGAIN TODAY!

I can't believe how amazing this is, and how I could not stumble upon your map apps much earlier. The Gaiagi Driver site/app must be one of the most ingenious and brilliant things on the entire web! This should be the #1 search result for every search for anything "map" related. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Cheers David.P
(previous comment also by me)

GMaps Gaier said...


thanks a lot for your encouraging comment!!

You might like also our US Weather Radar:

If you have ideas how to improve the driver just let us know.