Saturday, January 10, 2015

US Weather Radar Android App

Enjoy all the features of US Weather Radar  in our new US Weather Radar Android App:

Features recently added to US Weather Radar:
  • Celsius/Metric units
  • Weather charts
  • History of locations
  • Save config in Google™ cloud
  • Vertical Radar Cross Section
  •  Lightnings overlay up to 15min
  •  NOAA SPC reports
  •  Read forecast, alerts, ... on certain browsers (Chrome, Safari)
  •  Local Weather Tweets
  •  Weatherlink® station integration
  •  Option to hide maptypes
  •  Hurricane maptype on-demand

US Weather Radar can be enjoyed here:


Unknown said...

Where are you. I just want to say that Google Earth Plugin has been discontinued. What are you going to do about this for your Driving Simulator?

Gmaps Gaier said...

Sorry, Google discontinued this interesting plugin - no plans to work around for now.

Unknown said...

I have been trying to follow your instructions to fix the Ooops! screen and cannot get anything to work. I generated a key but found nowhere to insert it. Not obvious from your instructions. No "google maps key" button on config screen. Any assistance appreciated.Thanks

Gmaps Gaier said...

Please open a ticket at